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While Kelly was in Apsen with her daughter Jolie, during the Aug. 20 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’, a twisted new rumor came to light.

Forget about that wild cocaine accusation — Vicki Gunvalson threw more shade at Kelly Dodd when she told the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County that she “knows more” than she’s “said” about Kelly, and “it’s not [good]”. During the Aug. 20 episode, the Tamra, Gina, Braunwyn, and Shannon met up for dinner and later invited Vicki to join them. Once Vicki arrived, however, she started saying some nasty things about Kelly, who was in Aspen with her daughter, Jolie. It was actually after the ladies criticized Vicki for throwing a “low blow” (the cocaine accusation) at Kelly, that Vicki said she could have said a lot worse about her. But when Tamra asked Vicki what that was, she refused to divulge any details. “I’m not going to tell you!” she yelled.

And then, when Tamra asked, “Are you talking about the train?”, Vicki freaked. “Tamra, do not talk about that!” Vicki then explained during a confessional that “we had a code of silence that none of us were going to talk about the choo choo train. Tamra, Shannon and I discussed it, and I said, ‘Nothing good can come from this. This is all going to be super damaging.’”

So, Vicki refused to reveal what she was hinting at, but whatever it was, Gina knew it was bad, and that infuriated her. “You’ve said she has a coke habit and now you’re saying you didn’t say it all, so clearly you’re saying it’s something worse than that, which is bad,” Gina said.

“Shhh! Gina, I’m not saying anything,” Vicki yelled back, and Gina added, “But you said that you know more than the worst thing that you [already] said…” And knowing that she was likely going to get in trouble for what had just happened, Vicki begged the ladies to “talk about something else.” Eek.

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