Video Of XXXTentacion's Murder Released | Hollywoodlife

Video Of XXXTentacion's Murder Released | Hollywoodlife 7
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Surveillance footage of XXXTentacion’s suspects going after X has been released. Plus – Lil Wayne features Xxxtentacion on Don’t Cry’ and J Cole reveals his …

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  1. Is it weird that Trippie Redd birthday is on the day X died, but I would like to start a “rumor”, or it could be true, what if Trippie Redd hired the 4 guys who killed X to kill him?

  2. I don’t think X needs lol Wayne nor Kant’s to keep his name going. They are using his name for their own benefit. Both are irrelevant n music now so they gonna use X name so people will listen to their music. Shame on you, X don’t need u people, his name stands alone!

  3. Honestly seems like he could of faked his death tbh, like he could of easily just either backed up or squeezed threw the space. And why would they try to rob him while he was in a car since they were salking him. He was barley trapped. It would of been a lot easier to do it while just walking to the car plus they could of stole the car too. And if you say he didnt want to get shot while trying to back up or get away then why would he make a struggle for them while they were taking something. Another thing is if it was just a robbery and if there was no struggle why kill him only reason why i could think of is if it was staged or it was for revenge for something or it was a hit or they were just xannyed out or something but still why kill him that obvously 10x worse than assault and armed robbery plus they also just let his said to be uncle run away with no atempt to stop him at all. Thats really dumb to leave a whitness to testify against them. And is there a longer version of the video does anyone know?

    Lmk what you think of this, i made this in less than 10 on the spot and its 5am and im tiered af gn peeps #RIP X?

  4. And I usually don’t cuss people out but f those two men if they were the killers and I hope they go to hell and they die as many times they shot x I loved him I could always go to him and he would help me but who do I go to now

  5. I watched the footage over and over. It seems like the police are right, its seems actullay as a robbery. X fucking pushes them away atleast tries, and then he does this dumb move where tries to grab the barrel of the shooters gun. The guy wasnt fucking scared of anything. That probably aggrovated the shooter or got him scared(?) if you can say that. So it actually seems as a robbery. Not a setup, but who knows.

    RIP X, you will live on forever.





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