War Of The Worlds 2’ – Recap – Hollywood Life

War Of The Worlds 2’ – Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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Team U.S. continues to dominate on this week’s episode of ‘The Challenge,’ but the players are already making BIG moves to try and take control of the game.

The Sept. 4 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 picks up after Idris’ elimination win, where he’s tasked with making the decision of whether or not he wants to stay with his team (U.K.) or permanently switch over to the U.S. team. He chooses to stick with the U.K. Back at the house, Jordan calls a team meeting for the U.S., where he exposes Wes for working with players (specifically Joss and Rogan) from the other team. Wes attempts to discredit Jordan, and it leads to some arguing, but eventually ends with the group agreeing to be transparent with each other in the future.

At the next challenge, TJ Lavin announces that Zahida (from team U.K.) has decided to leave the show to deal with a family emergency. The challenge requires the players to swim out and obtain a series of letters floating in the water. They must use the letters to solve a puzzle, which will help them determine the code word to open another puzzle. The first team to do so wins! Team U.S. is able to pull out another dominant victory, and Kam volunteers herself to be the speaker for the team. She picks Paulie and Ashley to be part of the tribunal with her, which doesn’t make Paulie too happy, because it means he can’t be part of the next tribunal (a guys’ elimination).

Eventually, Kam assures Paulie that she only chose him for the tribunal because she trusts his strategy and wants to work with him and his girlfriend, Cara Maria, throughout the game. Going into this elimination, Kam’s plan is to get rid of the strongest U.K. female player, but the Brits obviously want to keep their team as strong as possible. There are four rookie girls on the U.K. team (Esther, Big T, Nicole and Jenny), with Big T and Esther being deemed the ‘weakest’ players. At the U.K. deliberation, Jenny and Nicole’s names aren’t even brought up as possibilities to go into elimination, which leads to some tension between Big T, Esther and the rest of the group — especially Georgia, who spearheaded the campaign to vote either Big T or Esther in. Eventually, the group votes Big T in.

Kam is not willing to play Georgia’s game, though, and since she considers Georgia to be one of the stronger females on the U.K. team, she devises a plan to vote her in against Big T. Paulie and Ashley agree, and Georgia is forced to prove herself in an elimination. The ladies are tasked with pushing a dumpster that is lit on fire around a ring, with the goal of getting the dumpster to their opponent’s fuse on one side of the ring and lighting it on fire. They go at it for more than an hour and a half, but Georgia eventually pulls out the win. Unsurprisingly, she opts to stick with the U.K. team afterward.

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