What to Know About Glossier’s New Stretch Fluid Foundation

What to Know About Glossier's New Stretch Fluid Foundation 7
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True to the original “stretch” formula, this foundation provides a lightweight, second-skin finish. According to the brand, this formula is composed of an 89% skincare ingredient base and 11% color pigment. It’s a gel-cream emulsion rich in hydrating, ingredients like glycerin and squalane so it won’t dry your skin out throughout the day and it can even help repair a damaged moisture barrier. Additionally, plant extracts like wild rose berry and plankton work to help reduce the appearance of excess oil or shine on the skin, making it great for most skin types—even oily. Even if your skin is sensitive to fragrance or is acne-prone, this formula could still be a match for you. It’s totally noncomedogenic and fragrance-free. 

Lastly, it provides medium coverage and comes in 32 shades. I know, in the age of Fenty Beauty and 50+ shade ranges, that doesn’t sound overly impressive, but these shades are unique and totally flexible. They can adapt to your specific complexion and work to enhance the natural beauty of your specific skin tone. So go ahead, smash that buy button—I don’t think you’ll regret it, especially if you’re already a stan for the concealer!

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