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Who Got Married on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5? – Hollywood Life 7

Love Is Blind
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Love Is Blind was a roller coaster from start to finish. The season 5 finale dropped on October 13 and revealed to fans who made it down the aisle. Izzy Zapata and Stacy Snyder faced major issues before their wedding day, while Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Milton Johnson also experienced a few hiccups.

So, who got married on Love Is Blind season 5? There wasn’t a dull moment in the finale. The episode was released just two days before the season 5 reunion special on October 15, which will premiere on Netflix. Here’s the full rundown of the wedding situation in the Love Is Blind season 5 finale.

Did Izzy and Stacy Get Married?

No, Izzy and Stacy do not get married. Ahead of their wedding, Stacy admitted she was feeling “anxious” and “stressed.” After she got a “sweet and meaningful” note from Izzy, Stacy’s nerves calmed a bit. They both made it down the altar, and Izzy moved Stacy to tears with his words.

Love Is Blind
Stacy and Izzy on ‘Love Is Blind.’ (Netflix)

“You are tough to crack, but when those walls are broken, you are the most tender and sweet girl that I’ve ever met. That’s why I’m in love with you because that’s the girl that I see in you,” Izzy began. He promised to “fight” for Stacy no matter what.

Stacy responded with, “The last few days have been a lot, but I still love you through it. And I’ve never not loved you. There’s no one else in this world that I would do it with other than you.”

Izzy said “I do” right away, As for Stacy, she hesitated. “I love you more than I can even explain. I wanna make you happy. I wanna give you that reassurance. And I do want you, and I want to say yes,” Stacy told Izzy.

Stacy felt she would be doing them a “disservice” to say “I do” right now because they need more time. “So, for me today, I can’t. I hope you understand that,” she said. Izzy put on a brave face and said he understood.

“I’m hurt and sad more than anything. I really don’t know. I mean, I gave it all I had to give,” a tearful Izzy said after he walked outside. He added, “I fought through everything, and I just feel so numb.” Stacy told her mom that she loves Izzy, but she did not have any regrets about her decision. “Today, I wasn’t for certain on it being right,” she admitted.

Eventually, Izzy and Stacy talked. “I just feel relieved, like… the pressure’s gone. I feel like getting through that is probably the hardest thing,” Stacy told Izzy, who asked her why. “‘Cause I want to make you happy,” she responded.

Izzy admitted to being “very confused.” Stacy stressed that she just needed time to “know that I can trust you and all the things that you’ve told me, too.” Izzy told Stacy they were going backward. “It really breaks my heart,” Izzy confused. He told her that he’s going to start wondering if it’ll ever feel like the “right time.”

Izzy later told the cameras, “I just wanna be loved the way that I love. Bottom line, I deserve that.” Stacy admitted that she “absolutely” believes love is blind. “Izzy opened me up emotionally in a way that I never thought was possible, but I don’t have 100% certainty. Fairly certain isn’t good enough for me to say yes to the rest of my life,” she revealed.

Did Lydia and Milton Get Married?

Yes, Lydia and Milton got married in the Love Is Blind season 5 finale, making them the only couple of the season to wed. Before they said “I do,” Lydia told her friends that she had “no doubts” about Milton. He “proved” her wrong when she had reservations about his age. (He’s now 25, and she’s 32.)

Lydia Milton
Lydia and Milton on ‘Love Is Blind.’ (Netflix)

After her mother walked her down the aisle, Lydia professed her love for Milton. “I fell in love with you ‘cause you chose me. Countless laughs, hour-long conversations, and you made sure that I knew I was your first. I’ve fallen in love with you ‘cause you listened,” Lydia said.

Milton gushed that he fell in love with Lydia in the pods because she “challenged” him and his thinking. “We had our ups, we had our downs, and the communication maturity that you showed, I knew you were the one. I never had a doubt about you and I hope it continues to be like that forever,” he added.

Lydia and Milton got married in front of their family and friends. They shared a passionate kiss before they exchanged rings. “Getting married, it is a dream come true. I feel so, so, so happy. I got everything I need right here,” Lydia said to Milton as they celebrated being newlyweds. “It feels like home. It feels safe.”

She couldn’t stop gushing about her man. “I married the man of my dreams and a little bit more,” Lydia said, before noting that this was the “beginning of our forever.”

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