Who is Joey Chestnut? — About Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner – Hollywood Life

Who is Joey Chestnut? — About Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner – Hollywood Life 7
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He’s the greatest eater in the history of mankind. Joey Chestnut won the Nathan’s 2019 Hot Dog Eating Contest by downing a whopping 71 hot dogs.

Who is Joey “Jaws” Chestnut? He’s the most famous hot dog eater in the world! The 35-year-old downed a record 71 hot dogs in 10 minutes at Nathan’s 2019 Hot Dog Eating Contest that took place July 4 on Coney Island. The contest wasn’t even close. The second place winner, Darron Breedon, only ate 50 hot dogs. Joey is truly unmatched when it comes to hot dog eating contests.

1. This isn’t his first contest win. Joey won his very first Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2007, defeating champion Takeru Kobayashi. He won every year until he was beaten by Matt Stonie in 2015. Since that one shocking loss to Matt, Joey has yet to be beaten again in the annual hot dog eating contest on July 4. Joey has become the face of eating contests.

2. Joey isn’t looking to retire — but he’s thought about it. “I know eventually I will give it up for one reason or another,” Joey told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Either if I have a family eventually. If I want to live a more normal life and can’t travel as much or if ever my health changes or if I have a health issue that would be a reason. But I would love… I mean these past three years I have been trying to eat healthier and running more and I hope I can continue that trend so I could prolong this as long as I can because I have had a normal job and I have had to answer to bosses and have had nasty emails and checked schedules and changed orders and I mean I could go back to all of that!”

3. Joey is totally open to his future children following in his footsteps. When asked whether or not he’ll train his kids in competitive eating, Joey told HollywoodLife: “I don’t know about training them but I would tell them to do whatever makes them happy and I chose a degree I wanted to do and a company I wanted to work for and it made me happy and then it grew into something I would have never imagined so I think do whatever makes you happy. Always try new things and never close any doors.”

4. Joey proposed to his then-girlfriend at the 2014 contest. Right before winning the Nathan’s 2014 Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey proposed to his longtime girlfriend. Sadly, they split in early 2015.

5. He doesn’t just eat hot dogs. Joey is a professional eater. He’s competed in eating contests of grilled cheese sandwiches, waffles, burgers, wings, pizza, macaroni and cheese, bratwursts and more. What a life!

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