Who What Wear Podcast: Rachel Bilson and Shani Darden

Who What Wear Podcast: Rachel Bilson and Shani Darden 7
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HK: Your character Summer Roberts was the height of 2000s fashion. There were tracksuits and spaghetti straps and minidresses, and the looks were highly imitated in mainstream culture. You obviously knew how massive of a hit the show was, but were you aware in that moment of how influential the fashion from the show was?

RB: Then? No. It was a very specific time for fashion I’ll say. We were just living it because it was a contemporary show. It’s actually a little scary that that was what fashion was. But I’ll tell you, all the bikini tops and bottoms, that doesn’t fly. And looking back at how much we were in bathing suits is pretty insane.

HK: There is a huge resurgence of 2000s and Y2K fashion and style right now, and I am curious about your thoughts on the matter and, very specifically, if you’ve saved anything from those days that you would actually rewear now.

RB: You know what’s so funny? Juicy Couture suits are coming back, but everyone’s been wearing matching tracksuits, jumpsuits, whatever as the pandemic has gone on. And they’re comfortable, you know?  Let’s go for it. I know there’s been some sort of updated versions and other brands and stuff that I definitely have. I don’t have any of my original Juicy stuff, which is kind of a bummer. I think my mom does. I probably gave it to my mom, and she still has it and wears it, which is great. But I don’t have a lot from the show. The one thing I have from the show is a pair of Uggs that I wore in between takes that Adam Brody and Samaire Armstrong both drew on, and I still have them. They’re somewhere. They’re pretty funny. I should find them.

HK: You’ve obviously played a million other roles throughout your career, including another one of my favorites, which was Dr. Zoe Hart. I think I’ve seen every episode of Hart of Dixie. I enjoyed that show tremendously. If you had to pick, whose wardrobe would you rather raid, Summer Roberts’s or Zoey Hart’s?

RB: Zoey Hart’s, hands down.

HK: Were there any pieces that you really loved from her wardrobe that you still think about?

RB: Yeah, I have some of Zoe’s wardrobe. That was more stuff that I personally would wear. She wore a lot of short shorts. I wouldn’t want to wear them now, but I have them. There was a Chanel jacket that I got to keep. That was fun. But other than that, her clothes were just so contemporary and cool that I tried to take as much as I could.

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