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The calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment are louder, thanks to the POTUS’ latest controversy involving Ukraine and Joe Biden. The subject turned into an intense fight between Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain on ‘The View.’

Whoopi Goldberg, 63, and Meghan McCain, 34, don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the validity of Congressional Democrats’ cries for Donald Trump, 73, to be ousted from office. The intense debate started after the Sept. 24 episode of The View played a clip of Trump admitting to freezing aid to Ukraine until other European nations also “contribute” funds. That contradicted reports that he pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his rival in the 2020 election, Joe Biden, and the former U.S. vice president’s son Hunter Biden in exchange for aid (the POTUS has denied “squid pro” before). However, Trump did admit there “was pressure” to look into his political rivals during a phone call with the Ukrainian president on July 25.

Even before Trump made these statements on Tuesday, Congressional Democrats have called for an impeachment inquiry against Trump thanks to a Sept. 23 report from The Washington Post that claimed the president ordered his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to hold back $400 in military aid for Ukraine at least a week before that controversial phone call. But Meghan is growing bored of the impeachment debate, because she’s heard it before. “Unleash the Kraken. Because honestly, if you’re not going to listen to Nancy Pelosi about the political implications of this, just impeach him then,” Meghan declared on The View. “See what happens politically. Because what happened with [President Bill] Clinton in the ’90s really did ended up hurting Republicans, and I think and many historians of politics believe that it helped get Clinton re-elected.”

As you know, Meghan wasn’t making this argument as a fan of the current POTUS — Trump has infamously shaded her father, former U.S. Senator John McCain, even after he passed away in Aug. 2018. She’s just worried what impeachment could lead to. “Just impeach him them, because quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing everybody b**ch about it. Just do it,” she vented. Later on, Whoopi said she just wants somebody in office that she “can trust” — “I don’t have to agree with everything.” But Meghan didn’t think that was an earnest request.

“Let me just counter that one second. I’ve watched a lot of clips of The View from when [President George W.] Bush was running, my dad was running, and [Mitt] Romney was running. And it sounds a lot the same,” Meghan jumped in. “You were calling for Bush’s impeachment at one time. So again there’s a certain point when Republicans watching, you are sounding an alarm at all times. So it’s hard to differentiate between who you think you can trust. Because 10 years ago, you couldn’t trust Bush, you couldn’t trust Romney, you couldn’t trust my dad.”

Whoopi clapped back, “I’m sorry…let me be clear about me and Republicans. I’ve been friends with Republicans my whole life.” That led to Meghan to question if her co-host trusts Republicans “in power,” and not just as pals, and Whoopi responded, “Sometimes, yeah. I grew up with Republicans in power. As I said, I don’t like all the things that they do.” Firing back, Meghan said, “The nostalgia for Bush right now always entertains me,” and Whoopi didn’t appreciate her tone: “Well I’m glad you’re entertained…If you can’t see right now why people are upset about this —” She couldn’t finish that sentence.

“Of course I see why people are upset,” Meghan said, cutting off Whoopi, and her co-host replied, “Well then don’t be so dismissive when you’re talking.” Meghan insisted she’s “not dismissive,” and Whoopi simply said that’s how she feels before launching a commercial break. Well, not before Meghan uttered an irritated “God!”

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