Who’s The Baddest Of Them All? Twitter Clashes Over ‘Hottest Female Rappers’

Who's The Baddest Of Them All? Twitter Clashes Over 'Hottest Female Rappers' 7

Twitter users aren’t sure how to feel about a far-reaching thread began making rounds online over the weekend.

The “Hottest Female Rappers” Thread

It all began on Saturday when a user kicked off the thread, which boasts over 115,000 favorites and nearly 5,000 retweets.

The short list consists of 10 women who the user thinks are the “hottest” stars in the rap game. It kicked off with none other than beloved “Munch” rapper Ice Spice.

Other noteworthy stars who were mentioned include big-name artists like Latto, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Saweetie and Nicki Minaj.

Twitter Dives Into The “Brown Paper Bag” Discussion

While this mainstream list didn’t offer very many exciting surprises, it did spark a conversation surrounding why these artists were listed.

Specifically, users called out the list for largely being comprised of light-skinned Black women, which opened up a conversation on colorism and the ol’ “brown paper bag.”

People also proceeded to mention other women who they believe should have been included, such as Flo Milli, JT, Yung Miami, and Dreezy.

It was also popularly alleged that Ice Spice should be #1 on the list as opposed to #10, showing that she’s still a fan favorite on the platform.


With the entries, some accused people of valuing physical appearance over talent when it comes to women in the rap game.

Generally, while some were pleased with the list, most users slammed it as “invalid.”

Young Joc Spoke On The Future Of The Female Rap Scene

While on the subject of women in hip hop, we should add that Young Joc recently shared his thoughts on the state of female rappers.

During an interview with VladTV, Joc made it a point to share his thoughts on what women in rap have to go through.

“Let’s just be for real: women don’t want to share, bro. And sometimes they don’t want to share the spotlight. Let’s just call it for what it is, and I understand. It’s already hard for women to find their place anyway.”

He went on to say that he foresees “bullyish” behavior leading to the downfall of some female rappers, as The Shade Room previously reported.

“Even now, you got all these female rappers. Let’s give it another 180 days. Let’s give it to this time next year and let’s see if we got this many female rappers that’s buzzing. I bet you it won’t be, because a lot of them are gonna phase out.”

What do you think about the original Twitter thread, as well as the ensuing discussion it sparked online? Also, who would you include on your list of “hottest female rappers”?

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