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Wildcats Are Back – Hollywood Life 7
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Are you ready for the ‘Start Of Something New’? It’s time to go back to East High, but it’s 13 years later, Troy is long gone, and a new group of students are looking to grab a hold of your hearts. Watch the trailer here!

High School Musical — who says we have to let it go? No one, especially now that Disney+, the House of Mouse’s new streaming service, is on the way! One of their premiere projects for the launch in November is the return of Disney Channel’s most memorable movie franchise to date: High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Indeed, it feels like ‘Now or Never’ to resurrect the franchise for another generation of kids looking to ‘Bop To The Top’ with the talented students at East High.

‘Breaking Free’ from the confines of a movie, with this version of High School Musical  being not only a series — but a very META series, hence the very lengthy title. In the universe of this series, the students are trying to put on High School Musical: The Musical as their big theater production. It makes a lot more sense as to why the show didn’t ‘Stick To The Status Quo’ when you watch the trailer, and meet all of the news stars. Like Joshua Bassett, who plays a skater junior named Ricky. Ricky auditions for the Zac Efron lead to prove he’s worthy to his ex-girlfriend Nini, played by Bizaardvark’s Olivia Rodrigo. Nini has just come back from theater camp with new ambition — and a new boyfriend. (Oh, and she also has two moms — thumbs up, Disney+!)

It’s no question that this series took the ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’ approach to the franchise, but it seems that’s for the best. And who knows — maybe if the show is successful, we’ll see the likes of Sharpay, Gabrielle, or even Troy Bolton return. I think it’s worth it to ‘Bet On It’! (BTW — Did I get enough song puns in here? I think I did!)

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