Woman Says Breastfeeding Her Husband Brought Them ‘Closer’

Woman Says Breastfeeding Her Husband Brought Them 'Closer' 7

Every marriage is unique, and Rachel and Alexander Bailey say that breastfeeding is a big part of their union. In fact, the 30-year-olds note that it’s an act of intimacy that is useful and ultimately makes their relationship “stronger.”

The Couple Calls Breastfeeding An Act Of “Emotional Bonding”

The couple recently spoke on their setup during a sit-down with Metro.

An on-camera interview clip opens with Rachel silently breastfeeding her husband. She then discusses how she “see[s] nothing wrong” with the act.

“I don’t see nothing wrong with breastfeeding my husband. I actually love the bond. It helps me out, [and] it finishes off the job.”

As for how this arrangement began, Rachel says she had forgotten a breast pump while on a cruise back in 2017, resulting in her breasts being “badly engorged for two days.” In turn, she and Alexander did what they had to do.

“I was in so much pain and I was scared about getting an infection, so we decided that my husband was going to try drinking the milk to relieve me.”

In the process, Alexander realized he enjoyed the taste and “felt so much more energized” upon drinking Rachel’s breastmilk.

After discussing how many will consider an adult consuming human breast milk to be taboo, Rachel says they wanted to speak out about it “so that those who do it don’t feel alone.” She was also sure to say that breastfeeding “isn’t a kink” for them.

In turn, Alexander chimes in and calls the act “a natural thing.”

“This is just a natural thing. A natural liquid, milk, coming from a human, and it’s not hurting anybody.”

He goes as far as to call it “a necessity” before Rachel notes that she prefers this method as opposed to using breast pumps.

Before wrapping up, Rachel says that she and Alexander “definitely encourage” others to try it out to help with issues like breast engorgement.

“You don’t have to feel weird or wrong about doing so.”

Of course, there’s also the intimacy of the act, and it “brought [them] closer as a couple.”

“It started as Alexander just helping me out when I was in pain, but it turned into more of an emotional bonding thing. … It has also created a more special bond between us which we never would have had if we didn’t start this.”

While on the subject of the Baileys, we should note that they starred on TLC’s My Strange Addiction. Additionally, they’ve acknowledged it on their YouTube channel.

The Roomies Chime In On Instagram: “Can’t She Just Make Him A Protein Shake?”

Beneath The Shade Room‘s upload on the subject, people reacted to the story at hand.

One Roomie going by @elayneokaya humorously proclaimed, “Your coffins will be so light because y’all are determined to take nothing to the grave. Nothing at all.”

Similarly, @kendricke4rm said that it was “perfectly ok” to keep some subjects private.

“It’s perfectly ok to keep somethings off social media. I promise you it isn’t a crime nor will anyone punish you for it. . . I promise.”

As for @cherrishblackofficial, she stated, “Well he looks healthy and strong. But can’t she just make him a protein shake?”

A Roommate going by @lightskinkim gave grave by writing, “I mean this is different in my opinion but it’s your life.” Nonetheless, she was sure to note that she and other viewers “could’ve went the rest of our lives not knowing this.” Oop!

Not everyone had this sentiment, though, as @vibewithredd_ said she was “here for this.”

“I’m actually here for this. Not sure why, but I am… Just like they both said, it’s literally hurting no one but Thi’s sensitive souls online.”


However, she added, “Unless she’s no longer feeding a baby too and this just keeps her milk production going bc it’s giving we could’ve shut down shop already.”

What are your thoughts on the couple’s confession, Roomies?

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