Yung Miami Says ‘Situation’ With Diddy Ended But They’re ‘Friends’

Yung Miami Says 'Situation' With Diddy Ended But They're 'Friends' 7

Yung Miami told Danya Issawi that she feels like she has “no privacy” and “can’t even express” herself.” Still, in The Cut’s cover story with the one-part City Girl, two-part mother Caresha Brownlee came to the surface, including her mindset when she first revealed the Diddy romance.

“I felt like it is what is is. Eventually, people was gonna find out because he is who he is, I am who I am. We was just like, if we’re going to put it out there, we’re going to be the ones that talk. I don’t like anyone talking for me,” YM said.

And she and Diddy definitely put IT out there! From lavish cars and European yacht vacations to flirting and confirming their ‘openly dating’ lifestyle on the premiere of her podcast Caresha Please. 

Not much was left to privacy in the Caresha-Brother Love era. There were two online tussles with Diddy’s alleged boo Gina Huynh.

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Then came internet-breaking news that Diddy welcomed a daughter nearly 14 years after welcoming twins with the late Kim Porter.

Yung Miami And Diddy Broke Up, But Remain Friends

As for what’s going on now? Their relationship has ended. Miami confirmed it with a “no” when Issawi asked if they were still together. But the City Girl insisted they remain friends.

“We’re still good friends! But we’re single. That’s not my man. We had our own situation, I’m not gonna put a title on it. We were f**king with each other hard.”

What does she mean by hard? As in being “together every day at one point,” Caresha says.

“He supported me, I supported him I’ll let the internet call it whatever they want to call it.”

From Caresha’s award show sign to Diddy’s reciprocated concert signs and their public appearances at both LIT-uations and community-serving events, their romance inspired waves of social media content and hot topics.

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Caresha Clarifies Comments That Inspired ‘Pee Diddy’ Online Kii

With ALL of THAT came those internet labels Caresha mentioned. People online have given as many opinions as they’ve consumed her viral lifestyle choices, including her bedroom activities. Y’all remember ‘Pee Diddy’!? She spoke about that too.

“I never said he was the one I did it with. Sex is a part of life. I’m grown and maybe I talk about it too much, but everybody’s got their personal experiences. Some people get shitted on. Some people live life on the edge, some people boring as f**k. I watch a lot of porn, bitches get peed on. If we grown and we in the house just chilling and want to talk about sex, what’s wrong with that?”

As for what to expect next from Caresha, she promises another City Girls album is on the way, but kept tight-lipped about a drop date. Looking 10 years ahead, she tells Danya Issawi isn’t in her plans. She likes to “live in the moment.”

“Whenever I get excited for something, it never happens. But I hope Caresha Please will be like Fenty, I hope City Girls be the biggest f**king artists in the world and I hope we just prosper.”

We hope so too ‘Resha–real bad!

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