Yvonne Orji Issues Apology To Fan Who Called Her The “Meanest Celebrity” She’d Ever Met

Yvonne Orji Issues Apology To Fan Who Called Her The "Meanest Celebrity" She'd Ever Met 7
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Yvonne Orji recently apologized to a fan who detailed an encounter she had with the ‘Insecure’ star that rubbed her the wrong way. The young woman responded to a Twitter thread which asked about people’s experiences with mean celebrities, and she did not hold back on Yvonne, Chile.

The woman, affectionately known as @thecrystaluncut on Twitter, explained that she met Yvonne Orji at a women’s empowerment conference and asked for a photo before she gave her speech. According to Crystal’s recollection of the situation, Yvonne denied her a photo and proceeded to call her out about the interaction on stage.

“I met Yvonne Orji at a WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE. She was about to give her speech and I asked for a pic while she was waiting,” she wrote. “She said no. I respect her privacy, move on and take my seat in the front row. She gets to the part of her speech about being persistent.”

In another Tweet, Crystal says Yvonne pointed her out amongst the crowd and stated that she should’ve been more persistent and intentional about getting the photo as opposed to taking “no” for an answer. Crystal even provided a clip of Yvonne’s speech from the conference.

“Here’s the thing, I hate the word no. I do,” Yvonne said. “And I know I told you know when I asked for a picture, but God bless it. After this talk you’ll see why I’m like you should’ve just asked for more, you should’ve just kept going.”

After Crystal’s tweets went viral, Yvonne issued her an apology under the thread.

“Hey Crystal, I’m saddened that’s how you let the event feeling after an encounter with me,” Yvonne wrote. “Truly wasn’t my intention to make you feel anything less than the beautiful woman you are.”

Yvonne Orji was trending after the apology, but not spoken publicly about it since.

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