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With just 11 women left on this season of The Bachelor, the cast’s trip to London during week five was a crucial moment in the show. Things started off strong, with Zach Shallcross taking Gabi Elnicki on a romantic one-on-one date and treating her like a queen all day long. After the two enjoyed a full day together, Gabi got a rose from Zach at the end of their evening.

Meanwhile, the remaining women found out that Charity Lawson would be getting the other one-on-one date in London, with the other nine ladies chosen for the group date. Unfortunately, on the morning of the group date, the ladies found out that Zach was feeling under the weather and had to cancel. They were still able to get out and see the city as planned, but the women definitely noticed Zach’s absence. Although they wound up trying to make the most of it, it was clear that many of the women were worried about losing time with Zach.

zach shallcross
Zach Shallcross on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

By the evening, Zach still wasn’t well enough to partake in the nighttime portion of the date. The ladies who had yet to get a one-on-one with Zach, like Mercedes Northup and Greer Blitzer, were particularly frustrated. They worried that this setback would derail their chances at forming a connection with the Bachelor. The next morning, things got even worse when Jesse Palmer told the women that Zach had tested positive for COVID. Charity’s one-on-one date was cancelled, as well.

Zach was just as devastated as the women. His spirits were lifted, though, when Kaity Biggar went to his hotel room with a get well basket. Kaity and Zach had an overnight date on their one-on-one earlier this season and have already formed a solid connection. Kaity spent several minutes sitting outside of Zach’s door talking to him, and he was super appreciative of the extra effort she put forward.

Zach was feeling better the next day, but still had to quarantine amidst his positive COVID test. So, he decided to have a virtual cocktail party and rose ceremony. All of the women were excited to get some virtual face time with Zach, and everyone had a good experience with the FaceTime date — except Greer. Greer, who got the first impression rose this season, told Zach that she could empathize with how hard this situation was for him because she also got COVID at tough time. She explained that she got sick when work was very busy for her at the end of a quarter. Although Greer meant well, Zach was admittedly taken aback a bit by her response.

zach shallcross greer blitzer
Greer getting a rose from Zach. (ABC)

“I think it’s completely different, from my perspective, from me being frustrated on finding my future wife versus the end of a sales quarter,” Zach said. “But I put a lot of weight on this week and it is frustrating. I know you have no bad intentions. I just wanted to put it out there. It’s not the same. In a few short weeks, I could be standing in front of my person, and that means a lot more to me than the end of a sales quarter.”

They ended the conversation on a lighter note, but Greer was very upset with how things went. She explained the situation to the other women after, while breaking down in tears. Greer was convinced that she wouldn’t get a rose because her message to Zach didn’t translate well in the very little time they had together.

In the end, though, Greer did get a rose at the rose ceremony. It was Kylee Russell and Mercedes Northup who did not receive roses, and were therefore eliminated. Now, nine women are left and will hopefully have more time with Zach next week!

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