Zara Larsson Apologizes To James Charles Soon after Being Named Out In New Online video

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PewDiePie reacts to the end of the natural beauty feud. In addition – The world wide web sucks up to James Charles. #Pewdiepie #JamesCharles #ZaraLarsson The ongoing drama …
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  1. Not trying to be rude but you saying “ does Olivia deserve a second chance at higher education.” Is just stupid. Like all you do is report rumours like it’s the news?

  2. Why y’all treat that dude like a night out drunk🤔 then all of a sudden wake up saying it’s wrong 🤦‍♂️ cause a woman didn’t have her way in a relationship? America is bored asf

  3. Its stange how ppl change … just a few days earlier some ppl supporting james charles from the comment section were the ones who dissed him … he gt snakes for friends we know …. hope aint the same for fans as well lol..

  4. first you blame people and say ruthless things about them and destroy their career. then at the end just simply apologize. i'm feeling bad for James when everyone, every fucking one people on the internet went against him how he must've felt??? :'( poor 19 yr old kid :(…

  5. I've ALWAYS had the exact same viewpoint as PewDiePie! and it feels osoo good to see that we were right! People were just giving me hate comments/replys sighhh imagine that… & on a bright note! Guys please subscribe to my channel, i'm a new youtuber! it would really be nice lol





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